Paméla Simard
Born Québec, Canada.
[email protected]


2019 (Expected) Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture/Dimensional Studies), Alfred University, NY.

2017 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Major in Art History and Studio Arts), Concordia University, Montréal, QC.

2013 Pre-University College Degree in Fine Arts, Cégep de Sainte-Foy, QC.


2018 Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, “Getting Weird and Hilarious” with William J. O’Brien, Deer Isle, ME

2014-15 Exchange program, College of Art and Design, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

2013 Exchange program, École Supérieure d’art de Toulon, Toulon, France.


2019 (Upcoming) Objectified, CICA Museum,Gimpo-si, South Korea

2018 Body Adornment, Livingston Center for Art and Culture, Livingston, MT

2018 Outsiders, Old Post Office, Hornell, NY

2018 Open Screening, Holmes Auditorium, Alfred University, Alfred, NY

2017 Convergence: Perceptions of Neuroscience (11th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting), BAnQ, Montréal, QC

2017 Convergence, Matériel, Visual Voice Gallery (Belgo), Montreal, QC

2016 Signs, EV Junction Space, Concordia University, Montréal, QC

2014 Échange, Espace Critique, Cégep de Sainte-Foy, QC


2018  Exploring the BRaIN: An Artist’s Protocol, The Brain Repair and Integrative Neuroscience Series, Montreal General Hospital, Montreal.

2017 Panelist at Clash/Confusion/Convergence: Thoughts on Collaboration Between the Arts and Sciences, Brainwaves Art Event, Montréal, QC

2013 Urban Mapping (In Collaboration with British artist Jeremy Wood), City Town Hall, Toulon, France.


2018 Fernanda Pérez Gay Juárez, “The Power of Multidisciplinary Collaboration: A Sculptor’s Exploration of the Brain,” Convergence: Perceptions of Neuroscience

2017 "Lumen," Jerusalem Art History Journal, Vol. 4, pp. 344-362.

2017 BDL,” Convergence Exhibition Catalogue, Vol. 1, pp. 46-50.

2017 Alex Tran, “Montreal Artists: Paméla Simard” Alex Tran Photography

2017 Andrea Bennett, “When Neuroscience Meets the World of Art”, McGill News

2016 Artist from Concordia featuring Paméla Simard.” The Concordian, Concordia University Journal, Vol. 34, Issue 14, p.18.

2015 College of Art and Design Annual Catalogue, University of New South Wales (Online Catalogue)


2018 Permanent Installation, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Canada


2018 Instructor, Liberal Arts Sculpture, Alfred University, NY.

2018 Teaching assistant, Foundations: seeLAB with Kathy Vajda, Alfred University, NY.

2016 Cultural Mediator, Festival Art Souterrain, Montréal, QC.

2016 Artist Assistant, François Mathieu
                                   Travaux Armillaires, Oeil de Poisson, Québec, QC.
2015-16 Artist Assistant (installation support), Lorraine Oades
                                   Spaces Under Scrutinity, CQAM, Knockdown Centre, Brooklyn, NY.
                                   Premier Contact, Biennale Internationale d’art Numérique, Montréal.

2015 Volunteer, Re-Create Media Art History (International Conference Week), Montréal, QC.


2017-19 Full Tuition Award, Alfred University

2018 KiKi Smith Partner Fellowship (Haystack Mountain School of Craft)

2018 Pamela and Gene Bernstein Leadership Conference Award, Alfred University

2018 Professional Development Funds, Alfred University

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